Pallet compost bin

No money for a fancy compost bin? This pallet compost bin can be made for free or very cheap!

Not wanting to spend money and having an abundance of stuff left on the property from the last owner, I made this pallet compost bin completely free!

The best part is that you can fill it up and add the front boards higher as you go. When everything is composted properly then you can remove the front boards and it will be easy to dig all of the beautiful soil out!

For tips about composting see my top 5 tips for better compost.

build your own pallet compost bin


-3 pallets. It helps if they are roughly the same size, but mine weren’t completely the same.

-Chicken wire

-A staple gun and staples to attach the chicken wire

-Some wood for the front boards (I used plywood) and thin wood to make slats to keep the front boards in (see pictures)


-Star pickets if you have them. I didn’t use them because i didn’t have them on hand but I will find some and add them for sturdiness.


-Choose a site for your compost bin. You don’t want it too close to the house but also not so far that you won’t want to walk there! I chose a clearing in the trees behind my garage and where some other things were stored by the previous owner (slowly cleaning it all up!)

The compost spot

-Gather your materials and bring them to your compost site.

Gather supplies

-At this point, if I had star pickets I would have driven one into the ground and put the first pallet over it and then added the rest. Instead I screwed the three pallets together. Star pickets will be added at a later date.

-Staple the chicken wire around the inside of the pallet composter.

staple chicken wire to the pallets

-Measure the width of your front boards and make two thin pieces of wood and make slats on both sides so the front boards can slide in.

slats for the front board

-Put the first front board in and you are ready to add your kitchen scraps and carbon material! As you build up the compost you can add front boards to make it higher.

pallet compost with the first front board

For tips on how to make the perfect compost (and not attract wild animals!) read this article here.

If you compost and have tips let me know in the comments below!