10 ways to start homesteading now

Most people think that you need vast amounts of land and an entire farm to homestead, but in reality you can start anywhere! Homesteading is a term that was used for people fleeing urban areas and settling on government land that was given to them after a certain amount of time of living on it. Today, homesteading can mean many different things, but I like to think of it as a lifestyle where you try to do things for yourself, make things instead of buying them, and generally being as self sufficient as possible.

I have been practicing homesteading for years and love to share all the ideas and projects that I’m working on (hence starting this blog!), so here are 10 ways you can get started homesteading no matter where you are!

10 ways to start homesteading now

10 ways to start homesteading now

1. Grow something. It can be in pots, containers, or in the ground, but sticking some seeds in the dirt and growing something (or failing and learning) is the best way to get you thinking about your food and where it comes from. If you know how to grow your own food, you are more secure than a lot of the population. Plus it is a form a therapy in my opinion, and wildly rewarding. Fresh herbs are an easy place to start and can help reduce your grocery bills.

2. Preserve and can your harvest. If you grow your own food you will probably have extra produce when it is in season. Canning. drying, or freezing (if you have a freezer!) are all good ways to preserve the harvest and ensure you have fresh produce when the growing season is done.

3. Make cheese. Its delicious, but pretty expensive. Also it tastes really good when you make it and it can be really easy.

4. Learn how to sew. Patch your clothes or make new ones. Sewing also comes in handy if you need items like curtains, which are easy to make and expensive to buy. If you get good at it you can start making quilts, which always look nice on the homestead!

5. Compost. It not only helps reduce your waste, you can use the finished compost in the garden or in pots to help grow more food! See my blog post on tips for composting better!

6. Don’t buy needless things or things you can’t afford. Part of homesteading is being frugal, reusing and reducing the amount of things you need. This not only helps your bank account, but can improve family relationships (less debt stress!) and increase your sense of freedom. If you can’t buy it with cash, don’t buy it! Some things are worth waiting for!

7. Keep chickens. Chickens are easy to keep, great to watch, and they give you breakfast! See my post about keeping chickens here.

8. Make your own bread. Bread is a staple in a lot of households, but store bought bread can contain a lot of nasty additives and sugar. Making your own bread can save you money and taste so much better! Check out this post about making sourdough bread, or make your own egg bread here!


9. Start beekeeping. Bees help pollinate your garden and you get the sweet, sweet reward of honey! Try replacing white sugar with honey instead. Want to learn how to keep bees? Check out this post about beekeeping for beginners! If you have extra honey you can always sell some to make a bit of side cash.

10. Learn a few skills you don’t have. Learning different skills so that you can do things for yourself is an essential part of homesteading. Some practical skills to learn include welding, auto mechanics, wood carving, weaving, blacksmithing, knitting, etc. If you can do it yourself it will be a lot cheaper and a lot more rewarding!


That’s it for this list! There are so many things you can do to start homesteading but these 10 things are the ones I started with. Let me know in the comments below if you do any of these things or have other homesteading ideas!

Happy homesteading!